Meeting with the volunteers of Pashur River Waterkeeper

Pashur River Waterkeeper (PRW) organized a meeting for the volunteers of the organization at their own office premises located at BLS Road, Mongla on 18 December, 2017. Pashur River Waterkeeper Mohammad. Noor Alam presided over the meeting while 20 Volunteers of PRW participated in the meeting. In the ... read more

How to protect Buriganga and Dhaleshwari from tannery pollution

Buriganga Riverkeeper and Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) jointly organized a round table meeting at the VIP Lounge of National Press Club at Shegunbagicha, Dhaka on “How to Protect Buriganga and Dhaleshwari Rivers from Tannery Pollution” on 20th December, 2017 (Wednesday). Sayed Abul Maksud, ... read more

Waterkeepers Bangladesh Celebrating World Rivers Day ‘17

  1 World Rivers Day Every year, World Rivers Day is being observed in Bangladesh with various programs highlighting the importance of protecting the rivers that are facing an array of threats. This year, with the theme “Encroachment & Pollution Free Rivers: Save Life and Nature”, the day was ... read more

Press Conference on, “Saving the River, the Sundarbans and the People from Pashur River Erosion”

Pashur River Waterkeeper and National Committee for Saving the Sundarbans (NCSS) jointly organized a Press Conference on, “Saving the River, the Sundarbans and the People from Pashur River Erosion” on 19 August 2017, Saturday at 11:00 AM, at the conference hall of Bishwo Shahitto Kendro in Bangla Motor, ... read more

Movement to Protect the Old Brahmaputra and Its Community

Flood has always been considered as one of the major problems for the community living in Chargobindhapur, as it is located by the bank of Old Bramaputra. In past few years, floods damaged the community life at a large margin. . Last year in 2016, flood inundated crop fields and dwelling areas, washed away ... read more

Movement to Protect the Old Brahmaputra River and Its Community

Waterkeepers Bangladesh together with other regional, national and local organizations arranged a community meeting with the people of Pathaliya, located in Jamalpur district in Bangladesh. The community meeting was held to get information about the understanding of the communities living in Brahmaputra ... read more

Movement to Protect the River Jamuna and Its Community

Together with other regional, national and local organizations, Waterkeepers Bangladesh organized a community meeting with the people of Bhatpiyari, Sirajganj on 7th of April 2017. The main purpose of this meeting was to share the realities around Jamuna to get insights about the experiences of the people of ... read more

Consultative Meeting to Protect Buriganga River and to Prevent its Pollution

Once Buriganga was considered as a lifeline of Dhaka city. Ironically, the mighty Buriganga River, which flows by Dhaka, is now one of the most polluted rivers in Bangladesh. Rampant dumping of industrial and domestic wastes are few of the reasons. Buriganga Riverkeeper with the assistance of Bangladesh ... read more

Waterkeepers Bangladesh Observed the International Tiger Day, 29 July, 2017

The world’s largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans is situated in the coastal region of Bay of Bengal. It is one of the natural wonders of the world. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The Sundarbans is an important habitat for the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger which is a rare ... read more

‘Save Pashur River, Save the Sundarbans’, Civil Dialogue Meeting in Biddarbahon, Mongla

On the Monday afternoon of 19th of June, a civil dialogue meeting was held with the theme of ‘Save Pashur River, Save the Sundarbans’ in Biddarbahon village, Mongla. Pashur River Waterkeeper and Waterkeepers Bangladesh jointly organized the meeting. The main participants were the citizens of industrial ... read more