A citizen dialogue by Surma River Waterkeeper

Deforestation and unplanned mineral extraction in North-east India: Impact on Surma river basin, A citizen dialogue by Surma River Waterkeeper

Sylhet division of Bangladesh is bounded by northeastern states of India.Any kind of environmental degradation in some of the north-eastern states in India has an impact over Sylhet region.  So the environmental stability of Sylhet region also depends on pertinent activities in north east India. Recently,deforestation and unplanned mineral extractions in north-east region of India is creating environmental hazards for Bangladesh.  The situation now demands a greater movement not only from the environmentalists but also from the political parties.  A comprehensive social movement is required to protect the Surma basin.

As a part of the celebration of Earth Day 2016, Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA),Surma River Waterkeeper andBangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA)jointly organized a citizen dialogue entitled ‘’Deforestation and unplanned mineral extraction in North East India: Impact on the Surma river basin’’ at Surma River Cruise, Chandnighat on  April 23 at 4:00 pm.

Sharif Jamil,said, “deforestation and unplanned mineral extraction in north east India is causing environmental disaster for Bangladesh. In 2008, due to unplanned coal mining in west khasi hill, small land sliding cased huge damage and tremendousenvironmental and human disaster in North Bordol UP of Tahirpur Upazila. Uranium mining and pollution also reported in that region. So it is not just the rivers and wetlands are losing their structure and existence,transboundary pollution is a big concern where it needspeople’s movement stronger than Tipaimukh Dam Movement to save Surma River basin.” He added that, “Now we should initiate an effective civic movement so that the government is bound to take necessary actions to protect local and Trans-boundary Rivers from unplanned resources extractions and deforestation.

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