A public meeting for pollution and encroachment free rivers in Habiganj

Demanding Freedom of Rivers in observance of the National Independence Day 2016 A public meeting for pollution and encroachment free rivers in Habiganj

A public meeting held on March 30, 2016 at RD Hall, Habiganj in demand of stopping illegal sand extractions and encroachment of the River Khowai and Sonai. The public meeting that demanded ‘Freedom of Rivers’ was jointly organized by Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), Habiganj Branch and Khowai River Waterkeeper. The meeting was arranged on the eve of the ‘National Independence Day’ of Bangladesh.  The speakers on the occasion emphasized on the participation of people from all sectors to save rivers of Habiganj.

The speakers in the meeting complained that, the River Khowai is in great danger at the moment. Illegal sand extraction and unplanned industrialization are impacting the river badly. They reported that, Saiham Future Complexin Madhabpur has blocked the main flow of river Sonai. As a result the river is dying. The speakers also mentioned about Sutang where the industrial factories are releasing untreated effluent directly to the river. The meeting demandedimmediate steps to stop illegal sand extractions, pollution and encroachment to the rivers in Habiganj.

The news of the event was published by some of the local dailies. Please the important links below:





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