Factory waste contaminates river Sutang: Causing serious hygiene and environmental hazards

A team of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), visited some villages of Habiganj Sadar and Lakhai Upazila which are seriously effected from Sutang river pollution. The effected villagers described the environmental pollution in the area to the team. The villagers reported that the industrial wastes of Alipur contaminate the river Sutang which is causing serious hygiene and environmental hazards in the adjacent villages i.e. Korab, Lukra, Nurpur and Rajiura. The villagers also reported that this pollution is having a negative impact on the fishing, agriculture and poultry industries of the area. The industrial wastes have blackened the river water and made it bad smelling. The river is losing fish and the fishermen are losing their livelihood. The river water is not even suitable for irrigation. It is reported that in some areas, crops are damaged because of using the river water. The poultry firms are suffering as well. Various kinds of diseases have broken out which is causing serious hygiene problem in the area.


The union Chairman of 6 Rajiura, Abul Kalam Babul informed that the Shoilojura canal was re-excavated two years ago for irrigation. The wastes from the factories of Alipur are released in this canal which is connected to river Sutang and other watersheds. Moreover, the river Sutang meets the river Meghna, as a result the whole water system is becoming contaminated and causing a serious environmental hazard in the region.

Tofazzol Sohel, the Khowai River Waterkeeper and the General Secretary, BAPA, Habiganj, Ahsanul HaqueSuja, the Secretary Member of River and Watersheds protection movement and Abdul Hannan, Executive Member, BAPA, Habiganj were present during this visit.

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