Observed The World Water Day 2016

Waterkeepers Bangladesh and Surma River Waterkeeper initiated program to observe ‘The World Water Day 2016″

Waterkeepers Bangladesh and Surma River Waterkeeper jointly initiated a program to observe the ‘World Water Day 2016’ on March 22. To observe the day, the organizers arranged a human chain activity as a protest to protect the four large wetlands in Jointapur of Sylhet that 700 acres area.

These famous wetlands are locally known as the ‘Beel of red water lilies’. Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) also initiated similar event in separate banner in demand of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before launching the ‘Stone Crusher Zone’ in Dibi Haor and to create the ‘Stone Crusher Zone’ in a place where the environment will be less affected.  The human chain was held at the Central Shaheed Minar premises at 4 pm. in the afternoon. The activists from different environmental organizations, professional groups and the people of different sectors expressed their solidarity with the initiative.The theme of the World Water Day 2016 is ‘Water and Jobs’.
The event was highlighted in local and national dailies in Bangladesh. Please find some of the news links below:






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