“Recognizing Justice to the Rivers with Blossom of Our Honor”

Basiya River has been honored the Surma River Waterkeeper at blossom in Biswanath upzilla of Sylhet district ahead of World River Day on 25 September 2016, with the Slogan “We have done a lot of injustice, a lot of insult, forgive, O river, take the blossom of our honor”. Basiya River of Biswanath upzilla, which was a flowing river once upon a time but almost dead now by losing its navigability is being endangered by illegal occupation and pollution. Illegal structures have shrunken the river area. Every year, the encroachers create new Tangghar in the bank of the river. And in suitable time, these Tangghars become concrete building due to lax vigilance of the administration.

On Sunday at 12 pm, the Surma River Waterkeeper and Angikar Bangladesh showed their gratitude to river by putting flower petals in the river. After showing their gratitude to the river, on a program presided over by the convenor of Basiya River Unity Council Mr. Fozol Khan. Surma River Waterkeeper Abdul Karim Kim said that like all other rivers of Bangladesh Basiya River was also a victim of injustice and insult. Pollution was so widespread that it seemed, instead of water there was filth in the river. Dirt was being thrown into the river continually due to the unavailability of alternative dumping place.


The rivers are being filled up by these dumping of the households and industries. It looks like a running drain even in small rainfall. Throwing filth to the river is nothing but insulting the river. Rivers give us many things. So, the event was to ask forgiveness for injustice to the river on behalf of the citizens. Convening the local people to build a combined movement to protect the river, Abdul Karim Kim also said that River has been honored with flowers from the heart. Now the local people should be conscious to prevent river pollution and encroachment. If the river is healthy the trade and commercial activities will be alright and thus the entire environment. Journalist Mr. Protush Talukdar, Organizer of BAPA Sylhet Brunch Mr. Badrul Islam Chowdhury, Joint Conveyor of Basia River Unity Council Mr. Mahbubul Alam Emran and Mr. Shamsul Islam Mumin, Mr. Raja Mia and Mr. Shahjahan and many other respected persons were present in the program.

It is to be mentioned that, every year the last Sunday is observed as world river day. British Columbia Institute of Technology has started to observe this day since 1980 to create awareness about rivers. UN has ratified this day in 2005. After that, different partner organization of United Nations has started observing the day.

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