Observed the ‘International Day of Action for Rivers-2017’

On March 14, Pashur River Waterkeeper and Waterkeepers Bangladesh jointly organized a long human chain event to observe the International Day Actions for Rivers.  Demanding to protect the Mongla’s Pashur river from erosion, pollution, land grabbing and illegal infrastructures, and to save the world Heritage Sundarbans and its natural habitat from Rampal coal-fired power plant, the long human chain held at Charkana, Mongla by the bank of the Pashur river. At that time, people from all walks of life including students gathered and came hand in hand for about half an hour, to support the cause of the special day. A massive human chain hosting large numbers of people from fishing and peasant communities, civil society members, government officials, media and other stakeholders, focused on the vital role to save the Pashur along with other rivers, and the largest Mangrove forest the Sundarbans. As a part of this program, the organizers showcased many festoons, placards with slogans and distributed leaflets among the city dwellers. The leaflet would deliver the encouraging messages to protect River Pashur and other channels connected to it from pollution. It will also deliver the messages towards the industrial factory owners on the river bank, so that they do not release any factory waste into river.  The key-note speaker was Md Noor Alam Sheikh, Pashur River Waterkeeper. Among others, Nazmul Haque, Vice-President of BAPA Branch Mongla, Tanzim Hossain Mukul, Joint secretary, Minu Halder women’s union leader, Saiful Rahman, President of Service Bangladesh also spoke on the occasion. They said this is the time, to protect the river from pollution and erosion, unplanned industrialization that is being built on the river, and the forest closed to the Sundarbans and protects the biodiversity of aquatic-animal-environment. Echoing them, Noor Alam Sheikh said, ‘‘we hold the event to celebrate the rivers and educate our communities about the importance of healthy, vibrant rivers. By gathering our voices together, we send a powerful message: This world is full of people who are working to revive and protect their rivers from pollution and enroachment. By sharing our stories as one community, we gain visibility, power and hope’’. Nevertheless, he urged everyone to work hand in hand to save river Pashur and the mangrove forest Sundarbans.

The news of the event was published in some of the national dailies. Please find important links below:


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