Rally, Signature Campaign and Meeting with Local Women on Protection from Pashur River Erosion

A meeting was jointly arranged by Pashur River Waterkeeper, BAPA and Waterkeepers Bangladesh on 31st January, 2017, evening, at Kanaimari Hashi-Khushi Library area, Mongla. Discussion was held on Pashur River erosion, unauthorized dredging, unauthorized sand removal and river traffic management.

The meeting was chaired by woman leader Minu Halder. The Chief Guest was Pashur River Waterkeeper Md. Noor Alam Shekh. In addition, BAPA member of Mongla Tanjim Hossain Mukul also spoke for the cause. Among the women leaders, Keya Begum, Sharmin Begum, Ashalota Begum gave speech for creating awareness. Md. Noor Alam Shekh mentioned in his speech that the river is affected due to people’s own interest in money. River erosion is causing great deal of damage to the Sundarbans environmental resource like forest, wildlife. According to the announcement of ECA, this place and its surroundings was marked as a compromised area. Despite the ECA declaration, still reckless industrialization is going over the place. As a result, the river is facing extreme erosion as well as endangers the biodiversity of Sundarbans. Keya Begum, among the other leaders, mentioned in her speech that alternate work facility for the shrimp fry catchers is required or else the Pashur River will not have fishes left. Chair of the meeting Minu Halder asked the villagers to continue the movement towards saving the river and declared that on 12th February another movement would be held at Chila Bazar. He encouraged the villagers to take part in the movement.

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