A Dialogue Meeting with the Sundarbans Professionals in Mongla Chadpai Union, June 18, 2017

Waterkeepers Bangladesh and Pashur River Waterkeeper jointly organized a discussion meeting on the afternoon of 18th June, 2017 at Kanainagar, Mongla with the theme of ‘Save Pashur River, Save the Sundarbans’. The main participants were the professionals whose livelihoods are dependent on the Sundarbans such as, Forest Workers, Fishermen and Honey Collectors etc.


The afternoon meeting was presided over by Pashur River Waterkeeper Md. Noor Alam Sheikh. Among others President of Chadpai Union Fisheries Association Bidyut Mandal, General Secretary Abdur Rashid, Maulana Tayebur Rahman, Honey Collector Jalal Ahmed, Nazrul Haque from BAPA, Tanzim Hossain Mukul and others spoke at the meeting. The speakers said that the life of aquatic fish and animal are endangered due to the waste discharges from ship vessels. Community life is now under risk due to continuous erosion of Pashur River. As a result, livelihood of the professional communities are greatly affected from the erosion. The speakers urged the government to protect Pashur River and the biodiversity of the Sundarbans from pollution and erosion. The meeting was attended by hundreds of professionals from various groups whose livelihood is strongly dependent on the Sundarbans. Afterwards, an Iftar party was held to conclude the dialogue meeting.

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