Civil dialogue meeting on ‘Save Pashur River, Save the Sundarbans’, Civil Dialogue Meeting in Biddarbahon, Mongla

On the Monday afternoon of 19th of June, a civil dialogue meeting was held with the theme of ‘Save Pashur River, Save the Sundarbans’ in Biddarbahon village, Mongla. Pashur River Waterkeeper and Waterkeepers Bangladesh jointly organized the meeting. The main participants were the citizens of industrial area which was developed by the bank of Pashur River.

On that Monday afternoon, at 5.00 PM, the civil dialogue meeting was presided over by Pashur River Waterkeeper and Former Upazila Vice Chairman, Journalist Md. Noor Alam Sheikh.

Liyakat Hossain, Md. Nuruzzaman, Monir Mobarak, Freedom Fighter Nikhil Chandra Ray, Sujan Mandal, Protap Mandal and others spoke in the meeting.

In the dialogue, speakers demanded for protection of citizens from the scam of riverside industrialists. The speakers also demanded for protection of citizens from industrial pollution. They requested for protection of the rivers and the Sundarbans from pollution and erosion.

Finally, the speakers demanded to stop anti-environmental & unplanned industrialization in the Sundarbans’ buffer zone.

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