Topic: Water Pollution and Problems of Women

On 14 October 2021., the WKB consortium organized the fourth iteration of River Talkies at Itkhola, Trimohini by the riverside of Balu, on the topic of “Water Pollution and Problems of Women” WKB consortium lead, Sharif Jamil anchored the show. The guest speakers of the talkie were Dr. Sharmind Nilormi, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Jahangirnagar University, Journalist Sadia Chowdhury, Youth BAPA member Tanzila Ahmad, and former UP member of Nasirabad UP, Asma Khatun.

Guest speakers of River Talkie-4 discussed how women face health complications and financial setbacks due to water pollution. Women all over the country perform the bulk of household work and child rearing responsibilities. Both tasks require access to safe water, which is a challenge considering river pollution. In addition, polluted water causes health risks for both mothers and children. Access to clean river water is also important because most riverbank communities cannot afford installation and maintenance costs of piped water supply. The cost of procuring and transporting clean water causes financial setbacks. Women suffer as they have to bear the burden of purifying polluted river water in addition to their economic and household responsibilities.

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