Location: Kayetpara Bazar, Khilgaon, Dhaka

Date: 23.12.2021


To celebrate the 50th year of Bangladesh’s victory against Pakistani occupants, WKB consortium purposively organized the River Talkie 5 with the theme “The role of rivers in the liberation war of Bangladesh”. Speakers of the river talkie discussed how the rivers supported the freedom fighters and people during the time of liberation war. Rivers were a natural support for the people of Bangladesh, on the other side it was an obstacle for the Pakistani army, they said. Speakers agreed that rivers were integral to Bangladesh’s victory against Pakistan. Guest speakers and participants of the river talkie demanded to bring back clean rivers with the spirit of liberation war.

The river talkie was organized at Kayetpara Bazar by the riverside of Balu on 23 December 2021. The topic for the fifth river talkie was “The role of rivers in the liberation war of Bangladesh”. WKB consortium lead, Sharif Jamil anchored the show. He welcomed and briefed about the concept of the river talkie and project. The guest speakers of the talkie were Freedom Fighter Kamrul Ahsan Khan, Mohammad Azaz, Chairman, River and Delta Research Centre, Foysal Ahmed, Writer & Editor, River Bangla and local women leader Jannati Akhter Ruma.






The show was broadcasted live on WKB Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/waterkeepersbangladesh) and PAR Online Platform for CSOs (PAR Online Platform for CSOs | Facebook).


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