River Talkie 06: “Laws to protect rivers”

Date: 19 February 2022

Place: Washpur, Keraniganj, Dhaka.


WKB consortium lead, Mr. Sharif Jamil anchored the show. He welcomed and briefed about the concept of the river talkie and project. The guest speakers of the sixth river talkie were Mr. Mohammad Golam Sarwar, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Dhaka; Ms. Dr. Syeda Nasrin, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh; Ms. Sharmin Rahman and Mr. Manik Hossain from the riverbank community.


WKB consortium organized the River Talkie 6 with the theme “Laws to protect rivers”. Speakers of the river talkie discussed role of the judiciary to protect rivers from pollution and encroachment. The speakers unanimously agreed that accountability of all concerned is needed in the implementation of existing river protection laws.

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