A comprehensive joint-effort to improve water, air and noise quality in Dhaka

Waterkeepers Bangladesh (WKB) consortium launched an anti-pollution advocacy project to monitor and advocate for the improvement of water, air and noise quality in Dhaka city on Thursday, May 6, 2021 on an online platform. WKB is leading the consortium formed with department of Geography and Environment ... read more

Press Conference on “River Pollution by Dyeing Industries and Measures”

Date:18 January, 2022 Place: Fire Station Ghat, Buriganga river, Shyampur, Dhaka.   WKB consortium organized a press conference. The press conference was organized on boats. Photo of Press Conference 18 January 2022 Before the press conference journalists and other participants took part ... read more

Dialogue with CSOs and Relevant Government Authorities On “River Pollution by Tannery Industries”

Date: 11 January, 2022 Venue: Bosila High School Auditorium, Bosila, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.   WKB consortium organized its first Dialogue with CSOs and relevant government authorities as part of its advocacy process. The topic for the first dialogue was “River Pollution by Tannery Industries”. ... read more

River Talkie 5

Location: Kayetpara Bazar, Khilgaon, Dhaka Date: 23.12.2021   To celebrate the 50th year of Bangladesh’s victory against Pakistani occupants, WKB consortium purposively organized the River Talkie 5 with the theme “The role of rivers in the liberation war of Bangladesh”. Speakers of ... read more

Data validation workshops on 18 November, 2021

As part of the anti-pollution advocacy project the ‘State of Dhaka Environment’ report will be finalized through subsequent data validation workshops. In this connection of advocacy activity for the project WKB consortium planned to organize the first data validation/report launching workshop. ... read more

Community Meeting on pollution of Balu river and remedies

Community Meeting on 31 October 2021 WKB organized fourth community meeting on 31 October 2021 to increase awareness and organize community members to advocate to reduce water, air and noise pollution in Dhaka city. The community meeting was organized jointly by Barogram Unnayan Sangshta and ... read more

River Talkie : 4

Topic: Water Pollution and Problems of Women On 14 October 2021., the WKB consortium organized the fourth iteration of River Talkies at Itkhola, Trimohini by the riverside of Balu, on the topic of “Water Pollution and Problems of Women” WKB consortium lead, Sharif Jamil anchored the show. The guest ... read more

Community Meeting on pollution of Buriganga river and remedies

Community Meeting on 18 September 2021. WKB consortium organized the third community meeting as part of the advocacy process of the anti-pollution advocacy project. The meeting was organized at the Nawabganj Park, Lalbagh, Dhaka on 18 September, 2021. Sharif Jamil, coordinator of Waterkeepers ... read more

Community Meeting on pollution of Buriganga river and remedies

Community meeting held on 14 September 2021 Venue: The west side of Sheikh Jamal High School, Kamrangirchar WKB consortium organized the second community meeting as part of the advocacy process of the anti-pollution advocacy project. The meeting was presided over by the consortium lead Sharif ... read more

River Talkie : 3

Topic- “Youth and River Date: 31st August, 2021 Venue: organized at Madhyerchar, Washpur, Hazaribagh. Guest speaker of the talkie were Professor Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder, Dean, Faculty of Science, Chairman, Department of Environmental Science, Stamford University Bangladesh, and Founder and ... read more

WaterKeepers Bangladesh consortium organized a community meeting to formulate a coalition of the CBOs/NGOs in the bank of river Buriganga

The community meeting to form the coalition was held on 21 August 2021. The meeting was held physically at Bosila, Mohammadpur on the bank of river Buriganga. In the meeting, CBOs of the river Buriganga formed a coalition of the CBOs to save their river. A total of 28 members from 24 community-based ... read more