Monthly Archives: January 2022

Press Conference on “River Pollution by Dyeing Industries and Measures”

Date:18 January, 2022 Place: Fire Station Ghat, Buriganga river, Shyampur, Dhaka.   WKB consortium organized a press conference. The press conference was organized on boats. Photo of Press Conference 18 January 2022 Before the press conference journalists and other participants took part ... read more

Dialogue with CSOs and Relevant Government Authorities On “River Pollution by Tannery Industries”

Date: 11 January, 2022 Venue: Bosila High School Auditorium, Bosila, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.   WKB consortium organized its first Dialogue with CSOs and relevant government authorities as part of its advocacy process. The topic for the first dialogue was “River Pollution by Tannery Industries”. ... read more